About this campaign

The National Drugs Campaign (the campaign) was developed by the Australian government to:

  • raise awareness of the harms associated with illicit illegal drug use
  • highlight the range of support and treatment services available
  • highlight the resources for parents and guardians to empower them to talk about illegal drugs, such as ice, with their children.

The campaign’s main focus is on reducing the uptake and use of methamphetamines (ice). It also addresses other drugs in common use, such party drugs.

The campaign is part of the National Drug Strategy 2017–2026. It specifically aims to reduce young Australians’ motivation to use illegal drugs. It does this by increasing their knowledge about the potential negative outcomes of drug use.

The National Drug Strategy 2017–2026 is the principal policy framework across Australia for addressing legal and illegal drug issues.

The campaign has been running since 2001. The focus in the phases has been on specific drugs, depending on emerging drug trends at the time.

Formative research informs the development of each phase of the National Drugs Campaign. Conducted using qualitative and quantitative research, these projects have explored youth and parent attitudes and behaviours towards illicit drugs. They examine positive and negative perceptions of drug use, key drivers and barriers to trial and identify effective channels with which to communicate. Read the Community Attitude Research on Alcohol and other Drugs reports below. 

The most recent phase of the campaign is focusing on ice (crystal methamphetamine).

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Page last updated: 21 Sep 2017