Australian Rules Football

Girls playing AFL


Australian Rules Football (or ‘Aussie Rules’) is one of Australia’s favourite sports. Played on a grass oval, two teams compete to kick a ball between four posts. To move the ball you can kick it or handball it to teammates or you can run with it, but remember to bounce the ball on the ground as you run! A “mark” is when you catch a ball after someone kicks it. You’re then free to kick without opponents interfering.


“Marks Up” is a great game to learn the basics. It can be played almost anywhere. One player kicks the ball to a group of people and whoever successfully catches it becomes the new kicker while the previous kicker joins the group trying to catch it.



  • Build up your fitness
  • Get stronger
  • Enhance motor skills
  • Make friends


Comfortable clothes and a football are all you need to play in your park. If you want to play for a team, you’ll need studded boots and a mouth guard. Once you register with a team you will get a uniform to wear.

Seasons / typical registration period

Aussie Rules is typically a winter sport with the finals taking place around September/October, except in tropical Australia where action takes place in the wet season (October to March).

Approximate participation costs

If you want to play for a club or local school, registration will cost between $100 – $300 depending on age and location. This usually includes a uniform.
Levels of competition

If you want to play matches, you can join your school team or a local club. Leagues vary in how competitive or casual they are. The top level is the AFL Women’s which runs in February and March and involves the best players in the country. It’s worth watching for inspiration. AFL 9s is a relaxed version of Aussie Rules that has no tackling or bumping.


Aussie Rules Organisations

Each state and territory has a governing authority and women’s leagues. To find a local club:

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