Girls playing basketball

Basketball is a ball game played for 45-60 minutes between two teams of five players. Points are scored by "shooting" the ball into a netted hoop (basket) fixed against a backboard at each end of the court. Teams dribble (bounce) and pass the ball towards their basket whilst defending their own basket.


Don’t forget to dribble (bounce) the ball as you’re running down the court. When you shoot, follow through with your arm.


  • Aerobic workout
  • Increase hand-eye coordination and motor skills
  • Improve teamwork and leadership skills
  • Make new friends

Equipment needed

Comfortable sports clothes and shoes. Once playing in basketball games you wear a uniform singlet and shorts, with basketball shoes.

Seasons / typical registration periods

Basketball is generally played all year round in two seasons, please check with your local club for exact registration and season dates.

Approximate participation costs

Registration fees vary but a season may cost $100-250 per season, plus $5-10 per game.

Levels of competition

Basketball stretches all levels from playing at your local court to representing Australia. Some of the levels are:

  • Local club competitions and school competitions
  • Representative competitions and academies
  • 3x3 (three-on-three)
  • Social mixed competitions (males and females with modified rules)
  • U12-20 representative leagues, state leagues and women’s national basketball league
  • Wheelchair basketball competitions

Basketball organisation

Come and try dates

Girls are encouraged to contact their local club for event dates.

Girls are also encouraged to head to a women's national basketball league (wnbl) game.

Basketball Australia by state

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