Boxing is where two opponents compete in a ring for three x three minute rounds or two x three minute rounds. The aim is to avoid being hit by your opponent while trying to strike them.


Think about your feet – the power of your punch comes from the strength in your stance. Use your whole body and not just your arms for a better workout. 


  • Aerobic workout
  • Increase hand-eye coordination and motor skills
  • Build upper body strength
  • Relieve stress
  • Increase confidence


When starting out you only need a mouth guard, hand wraps, sports clothes and sports shoes. For training many like to have their own head gear and gloves.

Seasons / typical registration periods

Registration is only required if you want to compete. Registration can occur at any time through the year.  

Approximate registration costs

Costs vary from $50-120 per year. Some states have state government governing bodies which require a further membership.  Individual clubs or gyms will have their own weekly or session fees which vary.

The majority of the clubs or gyms offer free try out sessions for people to see if they like it.

Levels of competition

Boxing has various levels from just doing one or two training sessions a week for fitness and health to those who train multiple times a day to compete at the highest level.

Boxing organisations

Boxing Australia

Boxing Australia by state

Similar options

Martial arts, kendo and kick boxing.