Bush walking


Get back to nature, grab a friend or family member, and head out for a trek.

You’ll get the chance to see some amazing views and wildlife while getting to enjoy the outdoors.


Make sure you plan ahead and let someone know where you are going. Pack enough snacks and water, your phone, and a map and navigation equipment.


Improve cardiovascular fitness and strengthen muscles.


Sports clothes and shoes.

Seasons / typical registration period

There is no registration period or season to go bush walking, but please check the weather and ask your parents if it is okay to do so!

Approximate participation costs

It is free depending on where you walk. If you go to a national park you may be required to pay a small entry fee.

Similar options

Cross country running, fun runs, trail running, orienteering (running to set markers while navigating with a map and compass), and athletics or simply take the dog for a walk.