Girls perform cheerleading sequence

All Star Cheerleading is a competition sport that involves performing a short routine (usually two minutes and 30 seconds) set to music. It can involve stunting, pyramids, group tumbling, jumping and a dance break. All routines are performed and scored against other competitive teams. All Star teams typically consist of five to 38 athletes (either co-ed or all-girl) who perform complex routines of basing, flying, tumbling and dancing.


Cheerleading has positions just like any other sport: flyers, bases, back bases, tumblers, and dancers. A good team requires athletes of various shapes, sizes and skill sets to fill these positions.


  • Build aerobic fitness
  • Increase balance and flexibility
  • Get stronger
  • Make friends


All you need to begin with is comfortable clothes so you can move easily. If you compete, you can wear bold and fun outfits!

Seasons / typical registration period

Registration is usually in late January/February and the season runs from mid-June until late November.
Approximate participation costs

Training fees vary between individual clubs and the time needed for training depends on your competition level. For most beginners, training would be between two to four hours per week. Cost varies with lessons but would be around $250 a season.

Levels of competition

There are lots of levels of cheerleading: beginner, elite, all-girl, co-ed and more recently, special needs teams. With practice, teams can enter competitions at state and national levels.

Cheerleading organisations

Australian All Star Cheer Leading Federation

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