Girl performing as a trapeze artist

Circus involves a wide range of skills and abilities. Trapeze, magic tricks, dance, acrobatics, juggling, and clowning are all part of the circus experience. If you love performing arts and drama classes, this is a great activity for you.


Circus is as much about creative spirit as it is about physical ability. A good circus performer will use both to thrill their audience.


  • Become stronger and fitter
  • Increase confidence in front of crowds
  • Improve balance, coordination and flexibility
  • Learn tricks that will wow your friends and family


All training venues will have the basic equipment so you just need comfortable clothes and sports shoes. If you start to perform to crowds, the costumes can become very creative.

Seasons / typical registration period

Circus is a year-round activity. More beginner lessons are offered in the school holiday period.

Approximate participation costs

Eight beginner sessions would cost around $200–$300


You will begin by learning the basic skills but as you get better you can start performing in front of audiences. Professional circus performers like those in the Cirque du Soleil and Circus OZ travel the world performing to massive crowds.

Circus Organisations

All major cities have organisations offering lessons. Research with a parent to make sure you choose one right for you.

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