Flying disk (Ultimate)

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Flying disk (Ultimate) is a non-contact, team sport played with a disc by two teams of seven players.

This sport is played on a rectangular field, with an end zone at each end. The disc is passed in any direction, with a catch in the ‘end zone’ scoring one goal. The winning team is the one with the most points after two halves of play.


Ultimate is the world's only self-refereed team sport. This means that players, rather than umpires, decide the most fair outcome if a dispute arises.

This sport is easily accessible and can be played in mixed or single gender teams.


  • improves cardiovascular fitness
  • builds mental toughness
  • increases hand-eye coordination, agility and motor skills
  • improves teamwork, conflict resolution and leadership skills.

What you need

You will need to wear sports clothes suitable for movement. If you decide to play regularly, you will need footy boots to help you change direction on grass.

If you are organising your own game, you will need:

  • one disc
  • eight marker cones
  • an open space (grass field, netball court or beach).

Seasons / typical registration period

Ultimate runs all year round. However, registration dates vary throughout Australia, so check with your local club or state body first.

Participation costs

Prices vary across the country, but due to the limited equipment needed to play and no need for umpires, Ultimate is great value for money.

Levels of competition

Ultimate is played in primary and secondary schools across Australia. It’s also offered at some universities at both social and competitive levels.

Adult leagues and tournaments are available throughout Australia. There are come-and-try and social leagues, as well as elite competitions.

There are also opportunities to represent your club, state and even Australia.

Contact your local club or state body for more information. Give it a go, girls.

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