A hockey team is made up of 11 players, and each player has their own stick. The aim of the game is to manoeuvre the hockey ball around the other players with your hockey stick and to score a goal against the other team. Goals are scored by hitting the ball into a net much like a small soccer net, but you have to make it past the goal keeper.


You can go down to the oval with a group of friends or join your local club. Some clubs provide basic equipment for beginners.


  • Great cardio workout
  • Improve your hand-eye coordination
  • Build teamwork and leadership skills
  • Improve motor skills


To play hockey, you need a stick, shin guards and a mouth guard. Players should wear sports clothes and shoes.

Seasons / typical registration periods

Hockey is predominately a winter sport, with some summer leagues. Registrations can be made at your local club in January with most league competitions starting in March and April.

Approximate participation costs

Annual participation costs start at $150.

Levels of competition

Club hockey caters for participants to play in social competitions through to the higher level of club seniors. These competitions cater for both field and indoor hockey. There are a number of levels for participants to play the game of hockey based on their experience, skill and competitive desires such as under 13s, under 15s, under 18s and under 21s.

Hockey organisations

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Similar options

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