Indoor rock climbing (sport climbing)

Girl climbing an indoor rock climbing wall

Indoor Rock climbing (also known Sport Climbing) is a sport where you climb on artificial walls in a climbing gym.


  • Offers a full body workout, especially your legs and core
  • Improves coordination
  • Increase strength


Wear sports clothes and shoes. You can hire climbing harnesses from your local gym or purchase your own.

Seasons / typical registration periods

As climbing is indoors it can be done all year round. Competition season for the more experienced climbers runs from January to April and July to October.

Approximate participation costs

Gym entry fees are around $14-18 per visit or you can buy season/term passes.

Levels of competition

There are social and regional competitions or you can climb casually. Some people progress onto state, national and international competition. Did you know it has recently been added to the 2020 Olympics?

Sport climbing organisations

Sport Climbing Australia

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