Two girls playing lacrosse

Lacrosse is a team sport where players try to get a rubber ball into a net or goal. Using the head of a lacrosse stick, players carry, pass, catch, and shoot the ball into the goal. Opponents will try to use their sticks to cause you to drop your ball. Lacrosse is described as having features from other sports like hockey, soccer and basketball.


Catch the ball as if you are catching an egg and practice ‘cradling’ the ball. Practice until you no longer have to look at the ball to know it’s there; then you’re free to scan the field and look for an opportunity to pass or shoot.


•    Team building
•    Full body workout
•    Builds endurance
•    Socialisation


To play lacrosse you will need a stick (which look like a large spoon with netting that forms the head), goggles and shoes which are called ‘cleats’ (cleats cannot have metal spikes). A mouth guard is also required, but a bag and gloves are optional.

Lacrosse Organisations

Australian Lacrosse Association (ALA)

Seasons / Registration Period

Played in the winter months from April until September and in the off-season. There are informal competitions you can try.

Approximate Participation Costs

Registrations costs can range from $165 to $240 per season, depending on the club.

Similar options

Hockey and Floorball.