Rowing and indoor rowing


Rowing is a sport involving both boats (on-water) and ergo machines (indoor rowing machines).

There a range of activities available for people to take part in for general fitness and well-being. Participants may compete both on and off-water.

When competing on water, rowers race over a 2000m course, while para-rowers currently race over 1000m.


There is much more lower body work needed than you would think in this sport.


  • Builds upper body strength
  • Learn teamwork
  • Increase overall fitness
  • Make new friends


When rowing you will need comfortable pair shorts, t-shirt, shoes, a hat and sunscreen. The club or school where you try rowing will supply the boats, oars, indoor machines and life jackets if required.

Seasons / typical registration periods

You can row throughout the year across the country. Check with your local club about when and where to register in your local area. Normal competition seasons runs from October to April.

Approximate participation costs

Membership fees may very between different clubs and states. Please check with your local provider for fees.

Levels of competition

You’ll start as a beginner learning the basics but competitions exist for schools, clubs and universities to compete. These can progress to national competitions and even the Olympics.

Rowing organisations

Rowing Australia

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@rowing_chicks (this account focuses more on female rowing)