Rugby league

Girls playing rugby league

Rugby League requires some serious team work. The aim is to score more points than the opposition by placing the ball over the try line or kicking the ball through a set of goal posts.

Rugby League is traditionally played 13-a-side. It is a contact sport, as opposition players ‘defend’ their try line by tackling the players with the ball.

Junior League is rugby league's offering for 6-12 year-olds. It involves less players and a smaller field. From age 13, girls can join a girls-only rugby league team.


You only get six tackles before you have to hand the ball over to the other team, so make as much ground as you can before each tackle!


  • All round fitness
  • Basic ball skills
  • Promotes team work
  • Builds confidence


Wear sports clothes and shoes. If you want to keep playing, you may want to invest in some football boots.

Seasons / typical registration periods

Registration typically occurs in March to April.

Rugby league organisations

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Similar options

Rugby union, or touch football is a lower-contact version of rugby league.