Rugby union

Girls playing rugby union

Rugby is a fun team sport that comes in three different formats designed to appeal to people of all ages and abilities. The objective in rugby is to score more points than your opponent by scoring tries.

Fifteen-a-side rugby is the most well-known form of rugby. It is a contact sport, with each team comprised of ‘forwards’ and ‘backs’.

Rugby Sevens is an Olympic sport with seven players on each side. They use a regular sized rugby field which means there is more space for running!

VIVA7s is non-contact Rugby Sevens. It differs from touch football as you can still pass after being touched.


Tuck the ball under your arm, close to your body when you run as you are less likely to drop it.


  • Aerobic fitness
  • Build strength
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Develop teamwork and leadership skills
  • Make new friends


Sports clothing, studded football boots, ball and protective gear, such as a mouth guard and a team.

Season / typical registration periods

Fifteen-a-side rugby is played over the winter, with registrations generally held in March and April.

VIVA7s is played all year around, however registrations are generally held in September.

Rugby union organisations

Australian Rugby Union

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Similar options

Gridiron, rugby league (NRL) or, if tackling’s not for you, touch football.