Crank walking up a notch and you’re running. Running breaks into three official categories based on how far you run: sprinting (up to 400m), middle-distance (between 500m and 3km) and long distance (between 5km and a marathon, 42km). All are great ways to stay fit and happy. You can run on tracks, the pavement, treadmills or outdoors.


If your goal is to run faster you’ll build up muscle. If your goal is to run longer distances you’ll increase aerobic fitness. Either way you’ll be improving your mental strength and feeling great.


  • Improve cardiovascular fitness
  • Strengthen muscles
  • Learn self discipline

What you need

Running or cross-training shoes

Levels of Competition

Athletics clubs exist if you want to run with other people or enter competitions. Competitions exist at all levels from amateur to the Olympics. Some running events (such as relays) involve teams running together.

Similar options

Cross country running, fun runs, trail running, athletics, or orienteering (running to set markers while navigating with a map and compass). To really push yourself, work up to a half marathon or mini triathlon.