Whether it’s singles, doubles, or against a brick wall, tennis is a great social game – but, it can take a bit of practice. If you’re new to tennis, you may just enjoy hitting back and forth with a friend and practising your serve to begin with. Eventually you'll be able to move around the court quickly and skillfully and return your opponent's shots with coordination.


There are three main types of tennis court: grass, clay, and hard court (concrete or asphalt sealed in acrilyc). They're all very different in terms of how fast the ball moves, how much it bounces and how easy it is for you to run and turn on. Try all three and find which is your favourite.


  • Increased cardio fitness
  • Builds upper body strength

What you need

Tennis racquet, tennis balls, sports clothes and shoes.

Seasons and Registration

Tennis is played year round though play is more common in summer and less common in winter. You can hire a court for around $5–20. If you end up playing a lot you might want to join a club for around $100 a year which gives you regular court access. 

Levels of Competition

You can just rent a court but clubs run competitions you can enter if you want a bigger challenge. The Australian Open run annually in Melbourne is one of the world’s biggest tennis contests and a way to see the top players.

Tennis organisations

Tennis Australia has a list of places to play once you enter your postcode

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Similar options

Badminton, table tennis and squash.