Touch football and Touch Rugby League

Touch football

Touch Football can be played anywhere at any time.

The overall aim in a game of Touch Football is for one team to score more touchdowns than the other. This is achieved by placing the ball in your opponents `touchdown zone'.

Played on a rectangular field, a game of Touch Football is played over 45 minutes, divided into two 20 minute periods with a five minute halftime break. Teams can be up to 14 players with a maximum of six players on the field at any one time.

Touch Rugby League (TRL) is a new type of Touch Football that is a mixture of both Rugby League and Touch Football. The biggest difference between TRL and Touch Football is that you can kick the ball in TRL. TRL is a pretty new sport and only came about in 2005 but is already growing fast!


Make sure your hand is still on the ball when you put it down for a try. It doesn’t count if you let go.


  • Aerobic fitness
  • Build strength, agility and hand-eye coordination
  • Develop teamwork and leadership skills
  • Make new friends


Sports clothes and studded football boots.

Seasons / typical registration periods

Touch Football has a summer season and a winter season. Summer season registrations open June and July and winter season registrations open March and April. Be sure to check with your state and Touch Football affiliate for specific registration details.

TRL runs during all four seasons; summer/autumn/winter/spring. Registrations for individuals and teams are accepted at all times throughout the year and they will accommodate anyone looking to have a run!

You can also grab some friends and a football and try the game out at a local park anytime.

Approximate participation costs

The approximate cost for a season is $110 for an individual.

Levels of competition

Touch football offers hundreds of competitions across the country. Touch football competitions are divided into divisions, ranging from elite to social, with gender specific divisions available. Players can elect to play in a women’s or mixed gender competition providing opportunities for players to keep fit and healthy in a safe and comfortable environment.

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