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This month, we caught up with #SportSista Celia Sullohern (@celiasullohern). This impressive individual is a running superstar and parkrun champion.

“I started my parkrun experience when the idea was still very novel to people in Australia. My good friends Mossy and Robbo suggested the idea and it seemed like a fun way to get people out and about.

I understand that is can be daunting to start. But this is exactly where parkrun comes into its own. I guarantee that the moment you step-out the door with your barcode, you’re entering the most supportive and caring network.

Parkrun is a free, outdoor 5km run in parks all across Australia.  No pressure, you can walk if you need, it’s self-paced.

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from or what pace you are running, everyone is out there doing the same thing.

This is truly the essence of running – inclusive and undiscriminating. There is just such a positive vibe amongst the group and everyone gets a buzz. I particularly love witnessing those ‘first-time’ moments, whether it’s the first time someone runs the whole way, the first time someone breaks a time-barrier or the first time they call themselves a runner.”

Celia’s top tips:

  • Have a goal in mind (a girl’s gotta dream).
  • Chat to those around you and encourage each other to go the extra 1%.
  • Be prepared for high-fives along the course…lots of them.

Sporting highlight for Celia

“I just competed at the 2018 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast in the 10,000m run where I placed 6th and achieved a personal best time, so I’m pretty happy with that outcome.”

What’s next for Celia?

“I really enjoy trying different races and disciplines including long-course triathlons, multi-sport adventure races and trail running events.

I try to find something different to motivate me – driving to a new trail, rocking out to a new playlist on my iPod or grabbing a friend for company. I’m blessed to have lived in some beautiful locations for running from the mountains to the beach, so I try to get out there and remember why I love it.”

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Page last updated: 03 May 2018