Charlotte Smith – our March Sporty Sista

Charlotte Smith - March Sporty Sista - synchronised swimming

Our #SportySista for March is Charlotte Smith. This impressive 13-year-old makes her move each week by participating in synchronised swimming.

“I love synchronised swimming because you can create something powerful and beautiful. I also enjoy the adrenaline rush I get when I finish a routine. I can hardly breathe and I know that I have tried my absolute hardest. I also love that it keeps me fit.

I have always loved the water and dancing – my mother tells me I talked a lot about ‘dancing in the water’ when I was little.”

Charlotte’s journey so far

“When I first started, just over 3 years ago, I expected it to be much easier. To me, it looks just like dancing in the water, when in fact it requires a lot more strength, flexibility and endurance than I initially thought.

When I first gave it a go, there was a lot of technical work I had to learn, but as I grew stronger I started to learn routines and began to really enjoy it. It was a lot of hard work, but it was worth it.

A barrier that I experience is that I live in the country, nearly four hours from Melbourne (or seven hours from Sydney). That means I don't have the same training opportunities as many others living in the city. So I need to put in a lot of work at home during the week, and then my parents drive me to club training in Melbourne nearly every weekend.”

Charlotte’s top three tips:


  1. Make sure you focus on learning the proper techniques and build your strength, as this will lead to more exciting things later on.
  2.  This is a team sport and is a great way to make new friends while keeping fit. So I would recommend really getting involved in this great sporting community.
  3. It’s a whole lot of fun, despite the hard work, so give it a go this year!

Highlights so far

“The highlights for me on this journey have been competing with my club, Eastern Sirens, at the Australian National Championships in Melbourne and Brisbane, and then making the 13-15 National Team in 2017 and 2018. I was also lucky enough to compete overseas in Portugal and Spain.”

The future

“I would love to make the Australian Senior National Team and compete at either the World Championships or the Olympics. I also hope to be selected onto the 13-15 National Team this year, as it is always great to attend the National Team training camps and represent Australia overseas.”

Feel inspired?

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