Cindy Wei – our aerial arts Sporty Sista

SportySista for November is Cindy Wei - Girls Make Your Move - Aerial arts

Our #SportySista for November is Cindy Wei. This impressive individual makes her move each week by participating in aerial arts. 

“I love aerials for many reasons, but one stands out – anyone can do it. Recreational aerial and acrobatic classes are popping-up in all cities. These are open to people of all levels, ages, bodies, and genders. Aerial silks, and other circus disciplines, are gratifying, and the foundation of an incredibly supportive community of creative people. 

Aerial arts go beyond twisting your body into a pretzel, or falling from impressive heights – it’s about storytelling, using your body to paint a picture or become a song. I adore how aerial arts is about self-growth and personal development – both physically and mentally. In the past, I would dwell on the notion that exercise is a punishment or a chore I “had to do”. I thought I had to be a lithe, delicate ballerina to do aerials. Getting involved in circus has enabled me to step away from a plethora of body image issues, and realise that I need strength and muscles to accomplish certain skills.”

Cindy’s start in aerial arts 

“At the beginning I felt intimidated. It was daunting to watch people swivel effortlessly into graceful positions, perform gravity-defying drops without hesitation, and manoeuvre their bodies into incredible shapes. At the same time, it was inspiring to see how much everyone challenged themselves, while respecting and listening to their bodies. 

As I trained more and more, I discovered that aerials’ was exactly what I needed. It was athletic (cardio is my worst enemy), creative (I’m a science student!), social, and exciting. Aerials eventually became an outlet for me to be the fearless, quirky, innovative person I wanted to be. I still face challenges here and there, but I’m learning to embody the confidence and positivity that I’ve learned in aerial – and transfer it into other aspects of life. In short, aerial arts makes me feel empowered, courageous, beautiful, and challenged.”

Cindy’s top tips:

  1. “Surround yourself with encouraging, like-minded, goal-oriented people. Most studios will provide classes that are designed specifically for first-time aerialists, or even “taster” classes where you can explore various aerial apparatuses, like the hoop or trapeze.    
  2. You don’t have to start super strong (or flexible). Most people don’t. I often hear “I don’t have the upper body strength” - but aerial arts is a whole-body exercise. You will be activating your core, back, shoulders, legs, fingers, and every stabiliser muscle in between. 
  3. It may be a little discouraging at the beginning, and that’s okay. Entering with reasonable expectations and an open mind is key. Your instructor will modify skills accordingly, especially in a beginner class. Don’t feel bad if you spend most of the class closer to the floor than the ceiling.”

Keep making your move, Cindy. You’ve certainly inspired us.

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Video of Cindy Wei our aerial ambassador

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