Miho, Natalie and Justine – our Orienteering Sporty Sistas

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Our three #SportySistas for May are Natalie, Justine and Miho (featured left to right in image). We were lucky enough to chat with them about their love for orienteering. This is an exciting and adventurous sport you may not know much about.

Miho - “It has always been a fun way for me to exercise. The combination of physical and mental challenges makes it such an interesting sport. Orienteering takes place in a different location each week, seeing so many different landscapes has been amazing.”

Natalie - “Because it’s sort of an individual sport, it doesn't matter what age you are when you start. You can just do a course that suits your ability. And, you can make friends with people more experienced than you, and then learn from them. On the day you can choose what level of difficulty or distance you want to run depending on how you feel. You can go with a friend or challenge yourself and do a hard course.”

Justine - “What I love about orienteering is that I get to run outside. It’s also a competitive sport which is fun. I also really enjoy meeting new people from across Australia and even scholars from Europe. I have made many friends from doing orienteering in ACT and other states.”

How did the girls get involved in orienteering?

Miho - “I had family members who were involved in orienteering when I was growing up, so I started going along to some weekly events. Eventually, I worked up to going out on my own courses. I enjoyed it so much that I’ve been orienteering for over 11 years now.”

Natalie - “People I know were orienteering, so I started going along. It was a nice way to spend time with my family and enjoy nature, and it was a bit of a treasure hunt.

I’ve made a lot of really nice friends through orienteering. I love the camps we have where we all stay together - we get to camp, orienteer and just hang out with each other which is great! I have made friends from across Australia and countries including NZ, Sweden, UK, Finland and France.”

Justine - “I first got into orienteering after hearing about it from other people who do it. My parents thought we should give it a go, so I brought a friend along and have been going ever since.”

The girls’ top tips for people just starting off:

  • Take advantage of this incredible community.
  • Talk to all the amazing people doing the sport, get their advice and, most importantly, make friends.
  • It’s all about having fun.
  • Don’t just start running in any direction. You need to know where you are going by matching features.
  • Try it with a friend to start off with.

Orienteering is as much about running as it is solving problems, and you’ll meet great people along the way.

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