Roxy Perry - our rock climbing Sporty Sista

Sporty sista Roxy Perry

Our #SportySista for January is @Roxy_Perry who absolutely loves rock climbing. Roxy is taking it to new heights, competing in world cups and world championships. We’re lucky enough to chat to her.

“I began climbing with my dad when I was about seven years old. He started taking me once a week and I was instantly addicted. I never really liked other sports (I tried everything!) so it was a way for me to use my competitive drive in something I was good at!

As it’s a fairly male dominated sport, rock climbing can be intimidating to females, especially beginners. I think it’s important to know that it’s about you and the wall, no one else. It’s about beating your fears, aiming higher and achieving personal goals, whether that’s climbing something hard or just leaving the ground! 

Lots of people fear heights and are self-conscious when climbing. The sport takes a lot of persistence and you’ll find it’s almost more of a head-space game than a physical one! Be committed, trust your body and give it a go!

I think it’s almost impossible to be a full-time athlete and not experience motivational struggles. I stay on track by thinking about my goals and remembering the incredible experiences I’ve had through climbing. 

I also enjoy pushing my limits to see how far I can go. It gives me a sense of achievement, even if it’s just a training session rather than a comp! On less motivated days, the strive to push my physical and mental boundaries is still there – I just tailor my goals to suit my motivation levels for that session and aim for those!

I’m aiming for the World Championships and a few Boulder World Cups. The 2020 Olympics have been my long-term goal since climbing became an official sport. I am starting to learn how to train for all three disciplines rather than just lead climbing (ropes). The opportunities are endless”

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­Photo credits:
Rick Perry: National Speed Climbing Finals (2017) in Sydney
Josh Fawssett R Australian Boulder Nationals 2016 and Outdoor Bouldering in Oatlands, Tasmania

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Sporty sista Roxy Perry

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