Showing real girls doing activities they love can go a long way to inspiring and encouraging physical activity in other girls.

Use these images to promote the Girls Make Your Move campaign in accordance with our copyright.

Tall images

Girl playing tennis - Tall

Download Girl playing tennis - tall (77KB JPG)

Girl playing rugby - tall

Download Girl playing rugby - tall (72KB JPG)

Girl doing kung fu - tall

Download Girl doing kung fu - tall (66KB JPG)

Wide images

Wide image ocean swimming

Download Girls swimming in the ocean - wide (273KB JPG)

Girls playing AFL on a field - wide

Download Girls playing AFL on a field - wide (275KB JPG)

Postcard images

Girl riding a bike - postcard

Download Girl riding a bike - postcard  (45KB JPG)

Girls playing AFL - postcard

Download Girls playing AFL - postcard  (54KB JPG)


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