Other tips for getting active

  • If you live close enough you could ride your bike to school instead of taking the bus
  • Do it first thing in the morning, then it’s over and you can tick it off your list. Sometimes we get busy and other things take priority. If you do it in the morning it’s less likely to get cancelled
  • Aim for one hour of activity every day. If you need to take a break, just restart as soon as you can
  • You don’t have to do the full hour at once. Break it up – 4 x 15 minute bursts to start with and build it up over time. * Getting bored? Mix it up and try something new. Have a look at the activities page for some ideas
  • Join a team. Some of us are more motivated when we’re playing a social sport. There are many sports teams out there like soccer, cricket or rowing. There are also team activities like swim squad, dance troupe or a roller derby team. You may even consider joining a walking or running group
  • Find a mobile app to guide you to get active in your own home
  • Set yourself the challenge of trying a new activity each week. You can do this with a friend and take turns choosing activities you both want to try
  • If the weather is bad use an online video or workout DVD to drive your workout
  • Too busy during the week? Get active on both Saturday and Sunday. Go for a bike ride, head to a class, go bushwalking or go for a swim at the beach
  • Embrace your inner child and find something that you loved to do. Was this an afternoon of trampolining, dancing in the living room, roller blading or skateboarding?
  • Getting your family involved can be a great way to stay motivated. Why not ask your parents to do something with you, like hanging a boxing bag in the garage and practising your jabs and punches or playing a game of ping pong or tennis
  • If you are motivated by helping others, look at being part of a walk-a-thon or a fun run to raise money for charity. You can get fit along the way by practising for an event
  • Get creative with how you get active like moving around when you’re on the phone.

Page last updated: 02 Mar 2017