Top 10 tips for parents

  1. Be a role model — don’t just encourage your kids, be active yourself and speak positively about what you do.
  2. Inactive girls tend to think of physical activity as hard work. If this is the case, show your daughter that physical activity can be fun and support her to find something she enjoys.
  3. Sample and have fun — encourage her to try different activities until she finds something she likes. Suggest ideas she may not have thought of such as roller blading, boxing or yoga.
  4. Make physical activity part of your family routine. Think of ways to include physical activity in family outings, such as going for walks or bike rides, or throwing and kicking a ball at the local oval.
  5. Limit screen time at home and encourage sport and physical activity in the spare time.
  6. Some of the greatest of passions can be found when trying something new for the first time. Help your daughter find an event that you can try together.
  7. Talk with your daughter, her friends and their parents about entering a team in a local sport so that a strong support network is developed.
  8. Look for a sporting club or class that focuses on having fun and participation regardless of skill level and ability.
  9. When practising for a sport or physical activity, make sure it’s challenging, fun and relevant. The quality and type of practice is more important than simply how much you do.
  10. If your daughter doesn’t enjoy sports or physical activity, talk to her about why this is and try to find a solution together.

These tips are based upon the Australian Sports Commission's top 10 tips for parents.


Page last updated: 23 May 2018