Personal story – Bo de la Cruz talks on-time vaccinations

Bo de la Cruz and family

“With my first born, Kobe (6 years), I made my Mum take him in for his first vaccination. Then with my next bubba, Rome (3 years), I made my husband do it. Both times I waited outside to give the kisses and cuddles after it was done! It was only by baby 3, Lyla, I had the courage to do it myself. I’m 100% for vaccinating your kids, but as a new mum, it can be a little scary. At the time, running out in front of 30,000 people playing for Australia, definitely felt easier.”

“It turns out I’m a total sookie la la. The immunisation was over in a flash, the bub was all fine and our health worker was amazing, keeping me calm.”

Following Bo’s latest sporting achievement representing Australia in Kuala Lumpur for the Women’s Australian over 35’s Touch Football side, she’s sharing her experience with immunisation, to raise awareness of the importance of vaccinating children on time.

The current immunisation rate of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children at 5 years of age is high at 96.83%. However, at age 2 years, this is only at 91.38% (as at December 2021). Delaying vaccination can leave children vulnerable to vaccine preventable diseases at periods when they are most at risk.

“Our mob are really great at vaccinating their littlies. So, it’s important to remind parents to keep it up and importantly, to vaccinate on time. Sometimes, especially as a family grows and life happens, it’s not always easy to keep up with things, but it can be risky for our bubbas if we don’t vaccinate and they’re exposed to serious diseases.”

“My advice to parents, if you’ve missed a vaccination or you’re confused about when your bubba’s due, have a yarn to your GP, Aboriginal health worker or practitioner, or nurse. They’re trusted in community, great at explaining things and getting you back on track,” says Bo.

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